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Deniz Feneri Drill Water Wells Every Three Days

Deniz Feneri Drill Water Wells Every Three Days

With support of the donors, people from Bangladesh, Somali and Cad, accepted as being poorest regions of the World reach the clean water to increase their life quality. 

Particularly in Africa, people living in the underdeveloped countries lethally need clean water to meet their most basic affairs. Deniz Feneri work hard in order to meet the demand of water well for years. Our association made to realize 32 wells in the first quarter of 2015.     
With support of the donors, people from Bangladesh, Somali and Cad, accepted as being poorest regions of the World reach the clean water to increase their life quality. 
Especially in Africa, there are plenty of regions where one cannot find the clean water to drink or running water from fountains. In these regions, any day dozens of children die because of famine, drought and diseases of which one of the main reason is lack of clean water. People walking long distances for having water from riversides or ponds where mostly one cannot find clean water make long queues once a water well drilled in their neighborhood.     
Deniz Feneri finished the constructions of 32 water wells in 2015 up to now, 26 wells in Bangladesh, 3 wells in Somali and 3 wells in Cad. Besides 18 wells are on the way for April. 
The beneficiaries of the water well can be up to 500 people in the places where the clean water is very scarce. 16000 people are expected to benefit from the wells to be drilled in 2015.   
With the donations of benefactors in 2014, Deniz Feneri made to realize 102 water wells in Bangladesh, Somali, and Palestine. There are still needy places for clean water in these countries having common tragedies like famine, drought and war.
The cost of a water well changes according to the country where it will be constructed. The cost of well for Bangladesh is 1.000 usd, for Cad is 3.000, and Somali is 4000 usd. The donors has two options, they can either fund a well individually or share the cost with their relatives, friends, and so on. 
Deniz Feneri Association is an association which works for public interest and can collect without permission.