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Donation of Quran

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By donating  Only 5 USD, you can send the best gift to our brothers and sisters.

Donation of Quran


By donating only 5 USD, you can send the best gift to our brothers and sisters.


Education is one of the biggest needs of those who live deprived of basic human resources in many parts of Africa. The lack of mosques, masjids, and especially the Quran in Muslim geographies is a shame on the Islamic world of 1.5 billion people. In the Islamic education, which is tried to be given in jerry-built structures especially in country-sides, the Holy Quran as the most fundamental need is lacking!


Sticking to their religion despite all kinds of difficulties, our African siblings train their children in Quran by making tablets out of wood or bark, and using a piece of coal as a pen. What the children who learn Islam under these conditions want from us the most is that booklet teaching the Quranic alphabet, and the Quran.


With the campaign “The Quran is the Best Gift”, we, as the Deniz Feneri Association, target to take 10,000 Qurans to our siblings in Africa who try to learn their religion under very difficult conditions. By donating just 5 USD, you can support this beautiful service, and thus send the best gift to our African children.









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