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Eid Allowance to Orphans


Do not forget about orphans and half-orphans on the holiday,  give their Eidpocket money.

 What a wonderful tradition it is to please children with pocket money inEids, which is one of our traditions. It does not matter the amount,

these allowances leave memories in the mind of a child that will not forget for a lifetime. Come and please our orphaned and half-orphaned children with pocket money on this holiday.
Through Deniz Feneri, you can deliver pocket moneyto orphans and half-orphans who have never received holiday allowance in their life and have always been left with their necks bent during holidays.

This year, we will distribute pocket money on Ramadan al-Adha in tensof countries inthreecontinents.Youcandeliver the“Eid Pocket Money”, which is an indispensable tradition of holidays,

to fatherlessand motherless children. With a little help, you can make fatherlessand motherless childrenhaving smile on their faces.

With the donation of 14$, you will make the oppressed children smile and live the Eid like a real Eid.


You can donate 1$ by typing “HARCLIK” and sending it to 5560 for help by SMS.

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