Emergency Aid To Yemen

Let's keep it from Yemeni's hands with your donations. Children of Yemen should not die.

What's Happening in Yemen?

The Arab Spring demonstrations, which started in 2011, spread to Yemen and President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled the country for 33 years, resigned from the office of President of Yemen. In 2012, the National Transition Government took office, but the conflicts did not stop. By 2014, the Shiite Houthis, who constitute a significant majority in the country, began to oppose President A.Mansour Hadi to fulfill their wishes in Yemen, which is divided into 6 administrative regions. For this purpose, they carried out an attack on the capital Sana'a and the demonstrations turned into an armed conflict. President Hadi had to quit in 2015. The Sunnis, supported by coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia, also went to war with the Houthis. In 2017, former President A. Abdullah Salih was killed by the Houthis. This event ended the peace negotiations in the country and caused the civil war to become more intensified. Peace negotiations gathered in Geneva were fruitless when the parties blamed each other, so the two Muslim groups decided that the war will carry on indefinitely.

Yemeni Children Are Starving

Unfortunately, this beautiful country of the Arabian peninsula is in ruins under the clashes of the Sunni and Shiite two Muslim sides. Yemen is now struggling with hunger. According to UN data, 75 percent of the population of the country of 27 million (about 20 million people) is starving. Up to now, more than 20,000 people from both sides have died and unfortunately this number is increrasing. According to reports from the region, Vulnerable groups are children, pregnant women, elderly people, malnourished people, and people who are ill.

What Deniz Feneri is doing for Yemen?

Throughout our Humanitarian Aid campaign to Yemen. Our association provides essential human materials such as water, food, clothing, medicine, and blankets thanks to your donations and sends them to the region and relieves the pain of our brothers and siters in Yemen.

Don't be silent to the screams of Yemeni children!

We deliver food packages, which are the most urgent need, to children who struggle with hunger and die from starvation by runing our "Emergency Assistance to Yemen" campaign.




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