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We ensure that your donations reach actual indigent people in the areas of the most urgent needs.

Since the day of its establishment, the Deniz Feneri Association has relieved the problems of millions of people in need in Turkey and around the world with its more than 1 million donors, and more than 60 thousand volunteers.


Data on nearly 700 thousand poor families living in Turkey is available in the records of Deniz Feneri. Up until today, cash, food, clothing, housing, health and similar assistance has been provided to hundreds of thousands of families identified to be in need through some social analyses, and the same processes are carried out for ongoing applications.


With the food, education, health, and sheltering projects it’s been launching, and the guesthouses, soup kitchens, and clothing stores it’s been establishing around Turkey and the world, Deniz Feneri has been continuing to be a glimmer of hope for those in need.


With its principle of taking all kinds of donations in cash and kind to actual people in need without making any discrimination and in the highest-quality way, and with its system by which even the smallest detail is recorded from the moment a donation is made until the moment a donation reaches an addressee, Deniz Feneri was deemed worthy of the Outstanding Service Award by TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) in 2007.


Since 2004, Deniz Feneri is a “public benefit association” in status. You can deposit money directly to the bank accounts of our association, or make an EFT or bank wire for a donation.


If you like, you can call our hotline at 0212 414 60 60 to receive answers for your questions about donations and other subjects, and you can also get help from our official to make an instant donation through your credit card.

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