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Idlib - Syria Emergency Aid


Extend your hands for the people of Idlib.

Idlib is under heavy bombardment and mass destruction policy. Civil areas, educational institutions, places of worship, market places, civilians are bombed, thousands of innocent people are forced to leave their homeland. İdlib innocent people has taken refuge in Turkey. People are dying from the staggering cold and starvation, that is a real humanitarian crisis.


What Deniz Feneri is doing in Idlib?


Within a population of 4 million inhabitants a wave of aerial bombing followed by a ground offensive forced more than 1 million people to flee Idlib region in Syria after attacks against the civilians.


Deniz Feneri Association delivers emergency humanitarian aid to our brothers in Idlib such as the construction of 


You can donate 1265 USD for a 39 m2 brick house, 40 USD for food packs.


İdlib Deniz Feneri Village


We are building "Deniz Feneri Village” brick houses on the Syrian side of Idlib-Turkey border to accommodate displaced Syrians, 500 units of 39 m2 with the cost of 1265 USD per unit.


With your support, you have always been with the victim, the oppressed and the needy people. Now is the time to extend our hand to Idlib brothers. Your donations will be the home of refugees from Idlib and the staggering number of people across Syria who need humanitarian aid. It will be established " Deniz Feneri Village" at a dominant height close to Keferkermin and Tevvami regions.


We will build 39 m2 houses, with 1 m2 bathroom and 1 m2 toilet. The roof of the houses will be covered with awning / tarpaulin. The units will be equipped with stoves, carpets, blankets and duvets. With the " Deniz Feneri Village “, 2500 Families will get rid of mud, cold and dark.


Be part of this project by donating the amount of 1265 USD to cover an entire unit, 100 USD the value of a share and 50 USD One-month care of a family.


We urgently need your support to help save lives, extend your hand to our brothers of Idlib.




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