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Our university Filipino muslims is waitng for your donations. 

The idea of ​​starting an education project with Moro Muslims (Moro Islamic Liberation Front, MILF) who struggled for independence in the Philippines and gained ground, emerged after our visits to the region during the Qurban period. The Human Foundation, the SASA (Sasa Law) Foundation and the Friendly Hand Association, together with Deniz Feneri Association, demonstrated a strong cooperation and took action, taking the spirit of the ummah as an example. This project will be open for all institutions and NGOs that are willing to support this good and beneficial project.


Our institutions have determined the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) as the interlocutor in Moro. With the initiatives of our institutions and BDA, the land on which the project will be built was purchased towards the end of 2017. In addition to the land where 51.000 m2 primary, secondary, high school, orphanage, dining hall and social areas will be built, 90 thousand m2 of land has been allocated for the university. A full-fledged international education campus, from faculty buildings to administrative buildings, from masjids to sports areas, will be built in Moro. The project will proceed in 3 stages and the 1st stage is planned to be completed between 2020-2022.


STAGE: (2020-2022) Law, Medicine, Tourism Faculty, Health Vocational School and applied hotel studies.

STAGE: (2022-2024) Faculty of Theology, Islamic Sciences, Faculty of Communication and Engineering

STAGE: (2024-2026) Education, Agriculture, Maritime and Aquaculture, Social and Science, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences




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