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Sacrifice Project in Disaster Area:


We are slaughtering your sacrifices (Adak Kurban) for our public Kitchen center in earthquake Zone.

We are slaughtering your sacrifices (Adak Kurban) for our public Kitchen center in earthquake Zone.
On February 6, 2023 in Türkiye, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 centered in Kahramanmaraş province, Pazarcık caused huge destruction and loss of life in 10 provinces and 9 hours later the second earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 7.6 centered in Kahramanmaraş Elbistan, further increased the dimensions of the disaster and increased our suffering.
Our Türkiye Aid Mobilization campaign  continues in order to heal the wounds in the earthquake area. We continue to distribute all kinds of aid, especially food and clothing, through our logistics centers that we have established in cities deeply affected by the earthquake. We continue our soup and tea distributions at our public meal center.
In order to both meet the food needs of the people of the  earthquake region and increase their strength, we implement your Adaq, Aqiqa and gratitude sacrifices in and serve to our citizens  who effected and distribute as a hot meal.
In addition to the loss of life and property damage, harsh winter conditions reduce the resistance of the people of the region. You can also support our brothers and sisters with your aqiqa and gratitude sacrifice.
Sacrifice share price is 250$
Iftar and Sahur Meal Projest
During the holy month of Ramadan every day İftar and Sahur meals are served from our public meal center in the earthquake area. 
Iftar and Sahur Meal menu consist with 4 items of hot meals, the food menu; Soup, Main Meal, Rice and Soft Drink.
You can donate 5$ to give an Iftar  and Sahur meal Package to a disaster survivor.
To support our activities via SMS; You can write AFET and send it to 5560 and donate $1.5 
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