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Sacrificial Animal Donation in Turkey

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We deliver your votive, aqiqa, and gratitude sacrifice animals to needy people in Turkey. The Price for a Sacrificial Animal: 190 USD

Votive Animal Sacrifice

A Muslim who makes a vow to sacrifice an animal are obliged, in Islamic terms, to keep their vow. If a person has bound their vow to something or some condition, they are obliged to make the sacrifice when that condition is met. This is what distinguishes a votive sacrifice from the sacrificial animal butchered in the Feast of Sacrifice. So, a sacrificial animal butchered in the Feast of Sacrifice is a religious duty. A votive sacrifice, on the other hand, refers to an animal butchered for the sake of Allah when something occurs, or a condition is met. Example: It is a vow to say “I’ll offer a sacrificial animal if I manage to get the job.”


The owner of a votive animal, their parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, their children or grandchildren may not eat its meat, neither can they offer its meat to rich people. If the owner wants to eat it, or offer it to any of the persons listed above, then they must weigh the meat of the animal, and distribute its current value to poor people.

Aqiqa Sacrifice

It is a sacrificial animal which is butchered as a sign of gratitude to Allah on the first days of a child’s birth. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) butchered one each ram for his grandsons, Hasan and Husain, and he also recommended us to make an aqiqa sacrifice for new-born male and female children.

Although an aqiqa sacrificial animal may be butchered in the period from the birth of a child until their puberty, the performance of this duty on the seventh day of the birth is recommended.

Sacrifice for Gratitude

A person may butcher a sacrificial animal for gratitude upon their attainment of a goal or blessing. Unless they have made a vow, however, an individual who has attained such a goal or blessing are not obliged to do this sacrifice.

According to the Hanafi school, the sacrificial animal butchered in the Haram region by those who perform a tamattu or qiran hajj is also a kind of sacrifice for gratitude as they perform the hajj and the umrah together in the same season. The owner of the sacrificial animal and their relatives can eat from the meat of this animal.

As Deniz Feneri, we butcher and distribute your votive, aqiqa, and gratitude sacrifice animals in many poor countries of the world.

The sacrificial animal price for Turkey is 190 USD

Unit price is 190 USD, Donate (enter the amount you want to donate, and click the “DROP INTO THE BOX” button. Or choose one of the quick options.)

If you choose, the animals are butchered and distributed to needy families in Turkey according to Islamic rules.

After your votive, aqiqa, and gratitude sacrifice animals are butchered, you will be informed by SMS or letter.

The Deniz Feneri Association Sacrificial Animal Price for Turkey is 190 USD.

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