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Save a Life


By the “Bir Hayat Kurtar” (Save a Life) project, Deniz Feneri resolves the misery of many individuals.

The Save a Life Project


Within the scope of the Save a Life project carried out by the Deniz Feneri Association, a mutual fund is raised for the health expenses and social security payments of needy individuals who can hardly hold on to life in situations requiring a lump sum payment.


Within the scope of the project, premium payments needed for health, prosthesis and retirement, housebuilding aid, and financial support were provided to those in need in previous years. With the Save a Life Project, you, too, can become the hope of those who have lost their hope… Hold the hands of those who are in trouble in the face of impossibility and hopelessness. Support them for making a brand-new start and hold on to life.


With minute donations, you can save the life of one of your brothers and sisters.


Through the website of the Deniz Feneri Association, you can read the stories of people in need who still wait for a glimmer of hope, and support them for their need.

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