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The Cataract Project

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By an operation that costs 95 USD, we treat the cataract disease of our African siblings who have been in dark for years.

A cataract is an eye disease in which the eye lens, which is located behind the pupil and enables vision, loses its transparency and becomes dull. Cataract patients see the world like looking through a steamed glass.


It is one of the most frequently encountered eye diseases around the world due to environmental and sometimes to genetic factors. Thousands of people especially in places like Africa struggle with this disease due to the adverse effects of high temperature, sands, and solar beams. The only treatment option is surgery as no drug treatment is known for this disease. Cataract surgeries can be performed in 15 minutes without pain and narcosis thanks to the modern techniques of our time.


At least a half of the 10 million visually impaired people in Africa have the cataract disease. Among them, the number of those who have access to treatment is only 500 in 1 million people.


Especially in countries like Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ethiopia, which are located on the Saharan zone, there is only one physician for an average of 40,000 people, and millions of people pass off without ever seeing a doctor in their lives. Therefore, the cataract operations provided by Deniz Feneri are very significant.

Financially supporting the cataract campaign is both very easy and also the cost is not too high. By donating 95 USD, you can also an able one of our African siblings to look at the world with seeing eyes. With the cataract donations collected, our association ensures the opening of the eyes of hundreds of people by organising collective surgeries in the related countries.

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