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The Water Well Project

The Deniz Feneri Association opens water wells to solve the drought problem of Africa.



Each day, in this century of the millennium age, thousands of children die of diseases or arising from sewage and from the lack of basic hygienic conditions. Unfortunately, a significant part of these tragic deaths occurs in Africa.


According to the UN reports, more than 2 billion people around the world are unable to access clean water. Diseases resulting from contaminated waters and unhealthy conditions lead to the death of 4 thousand children each day, and 1.8 million children each year. For the purpose of attracting attention to the worsening problem of clean water, and preserving and increasing the sources of drinkable water, the United Nations declared the 22nd day of March as “World Water Day” in 1993.


The lessening of water sources around the world has reached a threatening extent. According to latest analyses, a huge danger awaits the world upon the disappearance of water sources. In the last 100 years, the water consumption around the world has increased 10 times, and the amount of water per person has diminished by half. According to the data of the United Nations Environment Program, 2.4 billion of people around the world don’t have the safe wastewater treatment service. About 470 million people around the world to live in regions suffering water shortage, and nearly 10 million people, mostly children, lose their lives as a result of water-based epidemics each year.


In Africa, where life is difficult due to climatic conditions and geographical characteristics, people struggle in all areas of life in order to hold on to life. Lack of water as the most fundamental need to live significantly affects the survival strength of local people. The indigent people travels kilometres each year to access water. The unhealthy and contaminated structure of the water they access by all kinds of difficulties results in epidemics, and deaths.




The Deniz Feneri Association has been conducting the Water Well Project for years in order to solve the water shortage problem of Africa. Up until today, we have opened 1600 water wells in various countries of Africa and Asia, and we are currently building nearly 100 new water wells.


In Africa, the period for the completion of water well projects is 6 months. Beginning from their start, these projects are carefully followed by the International Relationships unit of the Deniz Feneri Association all along the process. By this time, our association have water wells opened in the African countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Ghana, Benin, and Zimbabwe, and also in Bangladesh in Asia.


In order to have a water well opened, applying to our association is all you need to do. By personally visiting the headquarters, branches or representation offices of our association, or calling us at 0212 414 60 60, you can make your application, and obtain information.


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