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Time to Solidarity


Let's band together the wounds of our brothers and sisters affected by forest fires in various regions of our country.

Our brothers and sisters who became homeless as a result of fires in various parts of our country are waiting for your urgent help.


Many of our citizens were left homeless by the fires in various parts of our country, the animals of many of our farmers were destroyed, and all the crops planted in the ground unfortunately turned into ashes. Our homeless citizens urgently need food, cleaning, clothing and household aids.


As Deniz Feneri Association, we are on the field to heal the wounds of our citizens in fires, as we have been for years. After the forest fires that started in many provinces of our country, our Mediterranean and Afyon Representative Offices in Antalya/Manavgat, our Gaziantep Representatives in Adana and Osmaniye, and our Aegean Representatives in Muğla/Marmaris started helping our citizens.


You can donate as much as you want for food, cleaning, clothing and household aids.

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