Urgent Appeal for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We fight against coronavirus!

The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Deniz Feneri Association is committed in the prevention and the quick response to this health emergency affecting over 140 countries worldwide.

Our main objective is to ensure people in need will be included in the national outbreak surveillance, preparedness and response activities. Deniz Feneri Association measures will be to protect the most vulnerable portion of society which will be also the most affected, poor,Immunodeficiencypeople, elderly and pregnant, displaced, refugees and their host communities before, during and after this global health emergency.

Deniz Feneri Association is honored to handle your zakat, Sadaqah and fidya/kaffara obligations. Your contributions will be distributed to community members who truly need it, in accordance with Islamic principles.

Please donate and help today to ensure we are prepared and can do all we can to contain this emergency.

(Hygiene packs 15 USD - food packs 25 USD) or any amount.

Cleaning Set Content (15 USD):

  • Laundry detergent 4,5 kg 1 pc
  • Dishwashing liquid 1000 ml 1 pc
  • Bath soap 4 in 1 pack
  • Shampoo 750 ml 1 pc
  • Liquid soap 1000 ml 1 pc
  • Wet towel 1 pack

Food Set Content (25 USD):

  • Sunflower Oil 2 lt
  • Groats 1 kg
  • Red lentils 1 kg
  • Dried beans 1 kg
  • Chickpeas 1 kg
  • Rice 1 kg
  • Instant soup 5 packs
  • Tea 500 gr
  • Pasta 2 kg (4 packages)
  • Halva 500 gr
  • Flour 2 kg
  • Salt 750 gr
  • Sugar 2 kg
  • Tomato Paste 800 gr
  • Olive 1 kg

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