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The DENIZ FENERI ASSOCIATION, is a humanitarian and solidarity association, which has adopted the principle of working relentlessly until reaching the last person in need on earth.


Starting with a TV show called "The City and Ramadan" during the month of Ramadan of 1996, turned into a weekly broadcasting program which led to the establishment of “Deniz Feneri” (lighthouse) in 1998. Constantly increasing in volume and the efforts of our more than a million of donors and volunteers who have been with us from the beginning, we have brought help and provided food, clothing, shelter, health care and financial aid to hundreds of thousands of families in Turkey and around the world.


By giving importance and great consideration to rigor, discipline and corporate understanding the years of efforts was crowned with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in 2002.


With the humanitarian food assistance that was implemented around the world, clothing, education, health, and sheltering projects it’s been launching, the guesthouses, soup kitchens, and clothing stores it’s been establishing, and the vocational programs it’s been conducting around Turkey and the World, Deniz Feneri Association been offering an extensive help to those in need. Deniz Feneri, as a "Social Responsibility Leader" association, provides all kinds of in-kind and cash assistance, with no discrimination, to the people in need in a professional way, whereby the smallest details are recorded from the moment the donation is made until the aid reaches out the client, the association was entitled to receive the The Grand National Assembly of Turkey Outstanding Service Award for these achievements in 2007.


Having delivered assistance to more than 4 million people in Turkey and around the world in 24 years with more than 1 million donors and tens of thousands of volunteers. Our charity operates in the special status of an association which is allowed to collect aid for the public benefit without obtaining the authorization of the competent authority with the decision of Council of Ministers on 2004.



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