1- Internal Audit

Internal auditing is essential for associations. An audit is carried out by the Audit Commission assigned by the General Assembly.

Once a year, the Audit Commission inspects, pursuant to the principles and methods identified in the charter of the association, whether the association operates in accordance with the goal described in its charter and with the work activities described for attaining that goal, and whether the books, accounts, and records are kept in accordance with the legislation and the charter of the association, and submits the results of each audit in the form of a report to the Board of Directors and to the General Assembly.


2- Audit by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

As a “Public Benefit Association”, Deniz Feneri is regularly audited by the Association Auditors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at least biannually. Its headquarters, branches, representation offices, all other units, books, accounts and transactions are analysed, and it is checked if it operates in compliance with the goal stated in its charter.

In the end of such an audit, an audit report or analysis or research report is drawn up. Audit reports cover the financial situation of the audited association, the compliance of its books and records with the legislation and the routine, whether the association incomes and expenses are recorded duly, and whether the activities conform to the goal of the association. Any deficiencies and misconducts are also addressed in the report.


3- ISO Audit

In order to maintain its activities as per the ISO 9000 standard, Deniz Feneri carried out some structuring works that lasted one year. In the end of the audit that was carried out by the American Quality Assessors on 27 December 2001, the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate was obtained on 22 January 2002Annual surveillance audits are performed by a private company. 


4- Independent Audit

All the activities of our association are periodically audited by international independent auditing firms, primarily the financial and accounting reporting system and are disclosed to the public in a transparent manner.


5- Audit by Donors and Volunteers

Deniz Feneri volunteers and donors can question and audit the activities of Deniz Feneri anytime. Donors can check their donations, and trace where they reach.

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