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In Ramadan, we deliver your Sadaqah, Zakat al-Fitr, Fidya, Zakat and in-kind donations to tens of thousands of people in need of it.

We are meeting the needs of a family’s monthly food expenses accounting for 25$ with Bir Kumanya da Sen Bağışla project.


You can support a family’s whole food expenses monthly by donating 25$. To donate 1$ to this project by SMS, text GIDA and then send it to 5560.

You can also donate 11$  to provide Cleaning and Hygiene Kits to needy families struggling with epidemic. To donate 1$ by SMS, type TEMİZLİK and then send it to 5560.


We are with people in need at the Sahur tables as well as at the Iftar tables. You can donate 18$ to eat their salt and to increase barakah of your and their households. To donate 1$ by SMS, type RAMAZAN, and then send it to 5560.


In Ramadan, we are meeting families in need at the Iftar Table. We ensure cooperation, companionship and brotherhood among Muslim societies in accordance with the spirit of Ramadan by coming together with families in need in tens of countries on 3 continents, especially in our country, at iftar tables. During Ramadan, you can donate 5$ and 4$ to meet the needs of a brother’s iftar in the country and abroad, respectively. To donate 1$ by SMS, you can type IFTAR and send it to 5560.


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