Logistics Centres

We have 4 logistics centres and 2 warehouses subordinate to Deniz Feneri branches and representation offices. These units consist of 5 sections:


1. Counting and separation: This section is located in the entrance of our warehouses, and it is where incoming donations are separated by their types. Donations are counted here, barcoded one by one, and integrated into the YOP system.


2. Storage: Donations counted and barcoded are taken to the storage area and stored in the related cases. Storage cases are addressed, and can be tracked from hand terminals and the system. Food and non-food donations are kept separate.


3. Cold storage: Some sensitive products like meat and milk are kept in this section at +4°C according to the FIFO rules, and they are stored so as to be used when needed.


4. Food preparation area: This is the section allocated for such donations as victualling, and food packs, and these food items are turned into ready packs be delivered.


5. Shipping area: In this section, all the prepared materials are loaded into vehicles to be delivered to indigent people.


The Deniz Feneri Association Logistics Centres and Warehouses:

- Istanbul Zeytinburnu Logistics Centre

This 1000 m² warehouse is located in the campus of the headquarters.


- Istanbul Ümraniye Logistics Centre

This warehouse, which is located in our Istanbul branch, is 3300 m².


- Central Anatolian Logistics Centre

This warehouse is located in Pursaklar, Ankara. It is a modern storage facility with an area above 5000 m².


- Eastern Anatolian Logistics Centre

This 3000 m² warehouse is located in Erzurum.


- Mediterranean Logistics Centre

This 500 m² warehouse is located in our Antalya representation office.


- Aegean Logistics Centre

Located in Izmir, this warehouse is 500 m².




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