The Deniz Feneri Model

Information technology, and proper use of human labour and resources are the most important factors in establishing a reliable and effective system. Rapidly concluding expectations, and pioneering and guiding the formation and development of the spirit of social assistance within the rules of law and by utilising the suitable methods and technologies, Deniz Feneri is a charitable organisation operating by international standards.


The ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

With the implementation of theISO 9001 Quality System in 2001, the donation and aid processes were discussed in detail. It is of great importance for having a common language for the organisation to identify, by procedures and instructions, the transactions from the applications of the people requesting help to their social examination, and to the evaluation of the situation, and making the decision of assistance in accordance with their needs.


Aid Organisation Program (YOP)

The Aid Organisation Program (YOP), which was developed by our association, features a system that enables to monitor and keep all the records in a common platform. By this system, it is possible to access detailed information on the date of arrival of the donated material, its quantity, its donor, whether it is usable or not, etc. on the one hand, and, after the examinations, to whom, when, and by whom it is delivered, on the other hand.

Thusly, it created the common culture and language of Deniz Feneri that raises the level of consciousness on quality in each step of its activities.


Donation Traceability

Deniz Fenerihas a unique donation traceability that enables donors to monitor to whom and when their donation reaches.



With Sis.Net (Social Examination System) that it conducts through its volunteers, Deniz Feneri is able to identify real needies, and deliver the entrusted aids in cash and kind to them in the type and amount they need by a fair and high-quality service.

The fact that donors are provided with information about the actual delivery of their donations, and that, thus, they don’t have any concern in this matter is the most important indicator of our accomplishment.


Continuity of Assistance

Rather than one-time assistance, Deniz Feneri considers continuous assistance to be essential, and it maintains its assistance with the related person or family until they don’t need it any longer.

Those who receive assistance can reach the Call Centre of Deniz Feneri to communicate any possible problems about the aid process, and demand additional assistance if their situation worsens.


Diversity of Donation Methods

Through the diversity of its donation methods, Deniz Feneri enables donors to choose the best method for them.



One of these methods, Bes.Net (Bank Integration System), was launched in 2005. Integration was established with six banks in order to ensure a safer and more rapid recording of donor data, and, with the “Donation Screen” that was formed in the end of these efforts, the facility of donating just by mentioning a bank was introduced.


The system is actively used with the following banks: T.C. Ziraat Bankası, Halkbank, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası, Vakıfbank, Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası and, Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası.


Donation Call

By the Donation Call (Alo Bağış) method, which is currently used in our Ankara Branch, those donors who don’t possess a credit card or who are unable to visit a bank can inform us of this situation by calling the phone number 0212 414 60 60, then we’ll visit their house or workplace to take their donation.


SMS Donation

One of the easiest methods of donation is SMS Donation. Sending a blank SMS to 5560, a donation of 10 TL can be made to Deniz Feneri.


Deniz Feneri Quality Policy

As a nongovernmental organisation, the Deniz Feneri Association does its part in the best way in order to raise social sentiment and to dynamise solidarity and charity, and it utilises and develops the efficient and effective assistance model of its own design.


Deniz Feneri continues on its way with its powerful system, its donors, who empower it, and its volunteers, who are its greatest supporters in every field of its activities.

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