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State and NGO's immediately run for rescuing victi

2 May 2003 Turkish Daily News Unlike the earthquake in Golcuk in 1999, which caused the deaths of so many people and material loss, the government immediately and timely acted together this time with all of its units in a bid to rescue the victims of the Bingol earthquake The government was on alert this time and so timely acted with all of its units to extend a helping hand to the quake victims and to rescue. As is known, the government failed during the earthquake, shaking Golcuk in 1999 and which resulted with many casualties. This time, it seems that all the government's units have functioned without any delay. The Health Ministry sent 94 medical personnel, 19 emergency aid ambulances, three mobile clinics, one hospital on a TIR truck and 223 units of blood, according to information from the Health Ministry Crisis Center. It was further pointed out that emergency medical aid to the region was stored in specially erected tents, installed in the garden of Bingol State Hospital. After realizing that the personnel in Bingol State Hospital were earthquake victims, large numbers of health personnel from Adana were sent to the region. Mobile clinics, sent from Mersin, Osmaniye and Kirikkale, medical teams and equipment will serve the settlement areas. Meanwhile, three environment teams will be in charge of the region as drinking water and sewage systems were damaged. Health Services Vice-Director Hayati Baykan also went to the region yesterday morning in a bid to ensure coordination in Bingol. The Health Ministry, taking the power cuts and communication lines into consideration, delivered control vehicles to the region from Diyarbakir and Malatya. A team from the Turkish Doctors' Association (TTB) moved to Bingol due to the earthquake. According to information from TTB Central Council, the team consisted of four doctors. After the earthquake in Bingol, both civilian defense teams and medical personnel were sent to the region. Kocaeli Civil Defense Director Ramazan Yilmaz said that they would send a 20,000-person team on military planes to the region along with medical materials. Necmi Kocaman, research and rescue team chairman related to the Golcuk Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans' Union, said that they also sent a team to the region via helicopters. Another team was sent to the region from Van yesterday morning. The Turkish Red Crescent Society extended its helping hand and sent 600 tents and six ambulances from the Health Ministry and a 34-person medical team. Van Governor Hikmet Tan said that they would donate TL 100 billion adding that they would launch an aid campaign, so that the citizens could extend their helping hands as well. Bitlis Civilian Defense Director Sakir Oruc stated that they sent a seven-person team together with a well-equipped research and rescue vehicle to Bingol, adding that they will send new teams to the region if a need arises. Batman Acting Governor Kemal Cirit said that there were no reports of injuries or material loss in Batman or in its districts and noted that a nine-person team was sent to the region along with sera and blood units at hospitals. According to information from Transportation Ministry officials, several tents were set up in the region, so that the citizens will be able to make a phone call without any charge by means of communication systems in the tents. Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul said that everything timely functioned and the state carried out what was necessary. In response to questions from the press, Gonul said that they formed a set of centers at the Chief of Staff headquarters and forces command in line with the ones at the Prime Ministry Crisis Center. Meanwhile, two C-130 planes would carry civilian teams from Ankara to the region. A mobile hospital, which was in the Silopi district of Sirnak due to the U.S.-led war in Iraq, was sent to Bingol. Coordinator Governor Nusret Miroglu said that they sent a vice-governor, research and rescue teams and construction machines to the quake region. After the earthquake in Bingol, Erzurum Governorship sent mobile kitchens, telephones and generators to the region, Erzurum Governor Mustafa Malay in his statement to the Anatolia news agency said. Bursa Governor Oguz Kagan Koksal said that they would send two voluntary research and rescue teams to Bingol. The Red Crescent Society sent tents, blankets, mobile kitchens, generators, ambulances, medical teams, food, a communication vehicle and a mobile clinic, the state-run Anatolia news agency said. A team related to the Civilian Defense Directorate and 86 personnel related to three teams have continued research and rescue activities in the quake region. Moreover, several teams from Ankara, Adana, Van, Erzurum, Erzincan, Mardin and Sivas, four trained dogs and equipment moved to the region. Meanwhile, the Deniz Feneri Assistance and Solidarity Association donated food and clothes aid to the region. According to a written statement from the association, the preparations for help continue.
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